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Female Six Package Abs

To get six-pack abs, staying motivated towards the goal is the most essential trick. You should work on your abs not more than thrice a week, and rest for at least a day after the exercise. It is also essential to work out with the correct postures to get the desired result. Along with the stomach exercise, it is essential burn the fat with the help of cardio workouts. It is essential that women do not over-exercise the ab muscles. This can cause serious harm to the change. A certain percentage of fat is vital for the well-being of a woman, hence must be maintained.

Exercises to Overall tone Abs

It is essential that such ab workouts are chosen, of which only 12 - 15 reps can be conducted at a single time.


This is an work out to tone abs, which tones not only the abs but also the obliques. Lie on your returning. Assistance your throat with your arms. Now raise shoulder area off the ground. Flip the remaining joint and take it towards stomach area. Turn towards the remaining side and contact your right shoulder to the remaining joint. The right leg should be lifted off the ground to an position of 45º. Do it again the same with the remaining shoulder and right joint, with remaining leg straightened at an position of 45º. This should be repeated on either sides for 10 - 12 counts.


Ab workouts are meant to work the higher abs. Lie on your returning. Assistance the throat with your arms. Flip you and contact the waist with you. Increase shoulder area off the ground and keep for a short time. A set of 20 - 25 reps of the crunches can be conducted.

Leg Crunches:

This is another work out to tone abs, that works the higher abs. Lie on your returning. With your arms, support your throat. Lift both you to 90º and combination them. Increase shoulder area off the ground. Try and contact your head with you, but remember to use the stomach muscular and do not take your throat towards you. Hold for a matter of a few moments and go returning to the ground. Do it again it 12 - 15 periods.


Lie on your returning. Keep your arms under the waist. Lift both you to 30º. Cross the remaining leg with the right as happens with a pair of scissers and then vice-versa. Do it again this for both the leg 10 - 12 periods. This helps in toning the reduced abs muscular.

Reverse Crunches:

They are said to tone the reduced abs. Lie on the ground. Assistance your waist with your arms, in other words, keep your arms under the waist. Flip you and take the legs towards your chest area. Then reduced them, but be careful not to contact the ground with you. Again, take your legs towards stomach area. A set should ideally be of 12 - 15 reps.