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Brooks Institute

Brooks Institute is a for-benefit advanced education establishment focused on the visual expressions situated in Santa Barbara, California and Ventura, California. Formally known as Brooks Institute of Photography, Brooks Institute offers four majors and one graduate projects. The Professional Photography and Masters of Fine Arts in Photography projects are situated in Santa Barbara. The Design, Film and Video Production, and Visual Journalism projects are situated in Ventura. The establishment is claimed via Career Education.

Rivulets Institute has two primary grounds, both situated in Santa Barbara, California and Ventura, California. The Professional Photography Program offices are situated at the Santa Barbara grounds. The Visual Journalism, Film and Video Production and Graphic Design classes are situated at the offices in Ventura. Rivulets likewise has two libraries, one in Santa Barbara and one in Ventura, that contain a great many books, diaries and different productions.

Streams Institute likewise has two open workmanship displays that show understudy, workforce, graduated class, and visitor photographic artist work. Streams Institute's Gallery 27 is situated at the Cota Street grounds in Santa Barbara. Since, Callery 27 will be shut as of May 2015 alongside the Santa Barbara grounds. The Visions Gallery is worked in conjunction with the Marriott Ventura Beach in Ventura.

Streams Institute graduations are held in the noteworthy Arlington Theater in Santa Barbara.

Before Brooks Institute set up the Ventura grounds and revamped the property into a school, the part was utilized by Hollywood generation organizations to shoot films. Scenes from both Titanic and Cast Away were shot on this area. The Ventura grounds contains three expert Hollywood style sound-organizes, a 'Mexican Village' motion picture set, and the 'Brock House'; the real set utilized as the inside house as a part of the film Erin Brockovich. Since, both the Mexican Village and Brock House have been annihilated.

In June 2010, the "Mexican Village" was utilized for the creation of the element film Without Men coordinated by Gabriela Tagliavini; it stars Eva Longoria, Christian Slater, Oscar Nunez, Paul Rodriguez and Monica Huarte.

With the formation of the Master of Fine Arts in Screenwriting system, numerous striking industry masters have arrived at the Ventura grounds to take an interest in screenings, addresses and courses. Amid 2010, Brooks facilitated screenings alongside Q&A sessions with eminent experts, including: Mark Fergus, essayist of Children of Men and Iron Man, David Sheffield, author of Coming to America and The Nutty Professor and Brian Nelson, author of Hard Candy and Devil. These sessions are open for understudies of all Brooks Institute projects to go to.

The Visual Journalism Program at Brooks has a Documentary Program. This is a class based system that all Brooks students are welcome to take an interest in. This narrative class takes understudies everywhere throughout the globe to archive different societies. Understudies spend a whole educational session (pretty nearly 2 months) in another nation and come back to California to alter a mixed media presentation. The Brooks Institute narrative class has taken understudies to nations, for example, Ireland, India, Mexico, Cuba, West Africa, Czech Republic, Costa Rica, Australia, Argentina, China and Chile. In 2010, the understudies of the narrative system dared to Vietnam and were guided by incredibly famous photographic artist Nick Ut.

The Chile narrative gathering of 2010 raised almost $7,000 for the Chile Earthquake Relief Program.

In 2011, Brooks Institute expelled its offices from the Jefferson grounds and is presently fundamentally situated in the Cota and Mason Street grounds. Individually, the Ventura grounds is as yet running its typical projects. The Mason Campus was shut amid 2014. The Santa Barbara grounds will be shut as of May 2015 and all operations will be moved to the Ventura Campus.