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Ross University

Ross University, established in 1978, is a revenue driven school offering the Doctor of Medicine and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degrees. The School of Medicine is situated in Dominica, with clinical training focuses in Miramar, Florida and Saginaw, Michigan. The School of Veterinary Medicine is situated in St. Kitts. 

Ross University was established by Robert Ross, who sold the school to private value firms Leeds Equity Partners and J.W. Childs Associates in 2000. It is presently claimed by DeVry, Inc., which obtained the school in 2003 for $310 million. The regulatory workplaces are situated in North Brunswick, New Jersey, United States. Understudies of Ross University are all residents or perpetual inhabitants of the United States, who are qualified for budgetary aid under Title IV of the Higher Education Act. Ross' curricula take after the models utilized as a part of U.S. therapeutic and veterinary schools. 

DeVry Inc, the guardian association that possesses RUSM, is a traded on an open market organization that claims numerous colleges, including the American University of the Caribbean (AUC), another revenue driven medicinal school in the Caribbean. DeVry Inc. is at present being explored by the workplaces of the lawyers general of Illinois and Massachusetts for its utilization of understudy credits, its pay practices, and bookkeeping negligence. 

The college's therapeutic school, the Ross University School of Medicine (RUSM), was established in 1978 by Robert Ross. It is situated in Portsmouth on the Caribbean island of Dominica. The college presents upon its graduates the Doctor of Medicine degree. 

In view of distributed reports by DeVry Inc., Ross University School of Medicine's weakening rate is around 10 times (27% versus 3%) that of restorative schools working in the US. Of the understudies who do graduate, about half don't graduate on time. As indicated by Ross University, 52 percent of Ross University School of Medicine understudies completed their project on-time.