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Whitworth University

Whitworth University is a private Christian human sciences school situated in Spokane, Washington, United States, that offers Bachelor's and Master's degrees in a mixture of scholarly trains. The college, which has an enlistment of almost 3,000 understudies, offers 60 undergrad and graduate projects. Some time ago Whitworth College, the leading group of trustees voted to change the establishment's name to Whitworth University in 2006, which got to be powerful July 1, 2007.

In 1883 organizer George F. Whitworth secured the Sumner Academy in Sumner, a residential area in Washington Territory. The school was consolidated in 1890 as Whitworth College. In 1899, the school moved to Tacoma. At the point when a Spokane engineer offered land just before World War I, the school moved again. In September 1914 classes were held without precedent for Spokane. In 1942, Whitworth converged with Spokane Junior College when the last close down because of monetary troubles amid World War II.

Understudy life 

There are 10 home corridors for college understudies.

Arend Hall—Arend Hall was initially called Washington Hall (the first floor, ladies in the 60s) Carlson (the center floor, men in the 70s) and Goodsell (the top floor, coed in the 70s). 
Baldwin-Jenkins Hall (an all-rookies dormitory) 
Ballard Hall (an all-ladies' residence) 
Boppell Hall (an upperclassmen residence) 
Duvall Hall (this residence has case style living quarters) 
East Hall (the most up to date dormitory and the main quarters not named after a previous Whitworthian included in the school; rather, East Hall stays anonymous on the grounds that the contributor wishes to stay mysterious) 
McMillan Hall (an all-men's residence) 
Stewart Hall (this residence has suite-style living quarters) 
The Village (this offers condo style living where you don't have a flat mate) 
Warren Hall (the biggest residence on grounds) 
Notwithstanding its 10 home lobbies, Whitworth supports a mixture of topic houses every years.