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Vanguard University

Vanguard University is a private, Christian college of aesthetic sciences and expert studies in Costa Mesa, California. The school offers more than 30 college degrees and accentuations in 15 separate divisions. Vanguard University additionally offers grown-up learning projects in its expert studies division and highlights six graduate degrees. Vanguard University is certify by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). Positioned one of the top schools in the west by The U.S. News & World Report following 2010, The Princeton Review likewise named Vanguard University a 2014 "Best in the West" College. Moreover, Vanguard is named in the 2012-13 Christian Colleges of Distinction and made the Forbes rundown of best colleges. 

Amid the mid year of 1920, Harold K. Needham, D. W. Kerr, and W. C. Puncture opened a school to plan Christian laborers for the different services of the congregation. The new found, Southern California Bible School, moved from Los Angeles to Pasadena in 1927. In 1939 it was contracted by the State of California as a school qualified to concede degrees, and it got to be Southern California Bible College-the initial four-year organization of the Assemblies of God. In 1943 the school got distinguishment by the legislature for the preparation of military ministers. It moved to the present grounds in 1950. The name was changed to Southern California College after nine years when majors in the human sciences were added to the educational module. 

Provincial accreditation and enrollment in the Western Association of Schools and Colleges were allowed in 1964. In 1967 the school got distinguishment and regard of its showing accreditation program from the California State Board of Education. In June 1983 the Graduate Studies Program got support from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. A Degree Completion Program was begun in 1994 for grown-up learners. On July 1, 1999 college status was attained to when Southern California College enlisted with the Secretary of State's Office as Vanguard University of Southern California. The University involves the Undergraduate College and the School for Graduate and Professional Studies. 

Notwithstanding its establishing president, Harold K. Needham, Vanguard University of Southern California has had the capable administration of eight presidents: Daniel W. Kerr, Irvine J. Harrison, John B. Scott, O. Adapt Budge, Emil A. Balliet, Wayne E. Kraiss, Murray W. Dempster and Carol Taylor. Vanguard introduced its tenth president, Dr. Michael J. Beals, on February 7, 2014.